Coach Barbie

Speaking of Barbie, in addition to now having an unnecessarily and obnoxiously recolored Mars Rover and perhaps being made in the image of a certain pro-choice hero, she now officially has a nicer purse than you. Or, at the very least, nicer than mine, which is easy because I spent $9.50 on my bag and it came with free socks.

A collaboration between Mattel and Coach was revealed with a Barbie doll who is dressed in head-to-toe designer duds. The miniature fancy lady/2007 sorority girl has a Classic Trench, ultrasuede skirt and heels, red sunglasses and a striped sweater. Oh, and a genuine leather purse, which I find more than a little ridiculous since (A) it’s ridiculous to give a doll something made of leather (B) you cannot argue function here regarding the whole “leather” issue, since Barbies don’t actually carry stuff around and (C) it just feels incredibly excessive.

Coach Mattel bags

So, in the event you wish you could have a full Coach outfit but cannot afford/refuse to give into the absurd prices of designer clothing, pick up one of these 13,000 limited-edition Barbies for $95 at Mattel specialty stores and Or don’t, and instead buy a purse because you feel bad that yours sucks now (yes, I’m projecting).

Photos: Mattel/Coach.