This weekend, Barneys New York unveiled “Roomscapes of the Imagination,” part of their eternally ongoing commitment to providing Manhattanites with window displays that are so highly conceptualized, all anyone can do is take wild stabs in the dark as to what they’re supposed to mean…and then, I suppose, go into Barneys and buy clothes?

Anyway, the room featured in the photo above was designed by Rafael de Cárdenas and is called “Love me and Leave me.” Well, we’ve decided to love him, and that’s because it’s not every day that you see mannequins stepping to each other, about to engage in the most high-profile dance-off since Britney and Justin battled it out wearing head-to-toe denim* at The Lounge in 2002.

Look at the way their shoulders are squared, their chests angrily puffed out. One of them is going to do a mean-spirited pivot any second now. Someone give these mannies a beat!!

*We don’t know for sure what they were wearing, but that’s how we like to imagine it. Also, the dance-off was indeed so legendary that it was spoofed on SNL. SNL.