Something I definitely miss about New York are those crazy Barney’s Warehouse sales.  If you’ve never been to one, they are exactly as you imagine they would be (and how they are depicted on Will & Grace!)…super long lines, tons of women in mid-dress running around, ridiculously messy racks, but also some exciting designer discount finds!

Since I don’t live anywhere near a Barney’s anymore, I have to rely on the Barney’s website to satisfy my craving for that oh-so-fabulous department store.  Barney’s is currently having a pretty great sale with super discounted prices that are only available on their website!  The prices are pretty amazing, so you can think of this as your own version of the Barney’s Warehouse Sale that you can attend without standing in the cold or leaving your comfy desk chair…

Accessories are probably your best bet unless you happen to wear the one size that they have in those Christian Louboutins that are more than half off.  Here are some of my picks…

Marc Jacobs Memphis Python Robert Lexie $899 (reg. $4,200)

Okay so this bag was slightly overpriced at full price, but I had to point out that now it’s 80% off!!  That makes it a steal!

Jennifer Ouellette Velvet & Lace Headband $19 (reg. $68)

Thakoon Runway Sunglasses $189 (reg. $388)

Go check it out soon before everything is all sold out!