I’m training for my first 10K in three years. It’s in less than 2 weeks and lately I’ve been upping both my mileage and my speed.

Actually, to be totally honest, I’m practically doing a couch to 10K program in a matter of weeks. I used to run regularly, but a combination of hip pain and  no time messed up my routine. I’ve been pretty stop, start, and falter for the past 6 months. Finally, I’ve figured out the perfect combo for success. I run at a slightly slower pace, I do yoga every day, and I use a heating pad at night when I’m reading before bed.

Tired Old Ass Soak MichelleAnother thing that helps – baths. Yes, I know I talk about baths a lot. I’m a fan. The people at Little Moon Essentials sent me a couple of their soaks to try. One is called Tired Old Ass and the other is Letting Go.  They are Aromatherapeutic Mineral Baths.

Tired Old Ass is what I use after an especially tiring run. It’s made with a combination of Magnesium Sulfate (Espom Salt), Sodium Chloride (a blend of salts and minerals), and essential oils like Rosemary, Eucalyptus, and Vetiver. It smells wonderful (reminds me of Vicks Vaporub) and soothing, really goes a long way toward loosening my tight muscles.

The Letting Go Soak is made with the same salts and minerals, but it also contains Ginger, Lavendar, Peppermint, and Nutmeg. It’s a warming bath and they suggest you drink hot tea as you soak to increase the warming feel.  It’s also a detoxing product, so be sure to give yourself a good rinse after using it. It’s reputed to be helpful in treating eczema, headaches, and as a preventative measured during cold and flu season. 

Image credit: Little Moon Essentials