True natural beauty starts with plenty of rest and relaxation. Is your bedroom conducive to proper rest and relaxation?

Mine isn’t. I have a beautiful bed with mocha-colored sheets and a comfy mattress pad. My bed is set below a couple of big windows, so I can read before I fall asleep with the window cracked open a bit, listen to the crickets when it’s warm, but the rest of my room, it’s a mess. I’ve got to fit so much into one space – my home office, my treadmill, the darn cat box in the adjacent bathroom… Too much stuff.

To create a truly relaxing space…

*Clear everything that is not essential out. This means going through dresser and closet to clear space to store those sort-of essential non-essentials.

*Plan furniture placement.  I need to come up with a better system for “hiding” my office. A room divider, like a pretty screen, would be perfect. That treadmill, unfortunately, it’s not going anywhere. I need to position it in a way that allows easy access to it and around it. The trick I use it to sit down and visualize the changes. Can you visualize a better setup for your own room? 

*When choosing art, paint, and bedding, keep in mind the mood you want to create. Do you want a soothing space? Then go with soft colors like a pale blue, tans, sage, white. If you want a place to wake up, ready to hit the ground running, then chose warm, vibrant colors like gold, red, orange. I like a combination of warm tans and brown. I want a cocoon-like feel.

circlebed Goldiehome Michelle

*If you are in the market for bedding, then take a look at Goldiehome. All bedding is made of organic cotton with a high thread count. I really like the look of the Circle Bed collection. The tones are soothing. Or take a look at the sale page. The Circle shams and duvets are on sale for 60% off.

Image credit: Goldiehome