The gentlemen over at Be Better Guys have something really cool for you guys. It’s called The Game Plan : Economic Stimulus Package contest.

The Game Plan : Stimulus Package Contest

The Game Plan : Stimulus Package Contest

Be Better Guys collaborated with Lab Series for Men, Rufus Apparel, Whirlpool Appliances, and Kirby Allison’s Hanger Project to provide you with wonderful prices.

First prize gets a shirt and tie from Rufus, grooming products from Lab Series for Men, a valet set from Kirby Allison, a Fabric Freshener from Whirlpool, and a consultation with Brian Joyner and David Boris of Be Better Guys to put him on the road to being a Better Guy.

Second prize gets a DKNY Men grooming set and Be Better Guys products.

To join, submit a video or digital photo along with a short essay (300-500 words) talking about yourself or a significant other, family member, friend, and how the man could benefit from an upgrade.

Submit your entries to from now until June 28th. Check out Be Better Guys for more information.

(Image : BBG)