Woman ShoppingHave you ever looked at something in a store then put it back because you thought “I’m not the type of girl who can pull it off?” Did you never even bother to take it to the dressing room because you already assumed it wasn’t for you? You might have thought that the style was for another girl who is taller/has a flatter stomach/drinks soy lattes/likes to use the word “preposterous” a lot. Whoever you imagined the girl to be, you knew that it’s not you.

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Why is it that we’re drawn to an item, then we make the assumption that even though it catches our eye, it isn’t for us? It’s okay to look at something but put it back on the rack when we realize that it is sewn badly or that the fabric is way too scratchy. However, it isn’t right to put something back that you haven’t even tried just because you think it’s for someone else. How do you know it isn’t for you unless you try it? You’ve probably tried to justify putting it back and say things like, “I would need a whole new style to work this into my look” or “I don’t even know what I would wear this with” but the simple fact is why can’t you just try the damn thing on before you make up your mind?

In theory, shopping should be straightforward. If you see something you like, you try it on and if you feel good in it and your bank account isn’t in the red, you get it. However, we sometimes get this mental hang up (pun intended) about certain trendy styles. You might have done it with a crop top, or a pair of chunky “ugly” sandals or something else. We’ve seen a few photos of celebs wearing the item or we’ve spotted girls wearing it out on the street and like it, but have formed an opinion about the kind of person who wears it and it’s not us for some reason.

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Enough is enough. You never know that item isn’t for you until you try it. And it may actually look really good with what you’re wearing now. Don’t overthink it, just put it on. Keeping an open mind can be difficult when you’re shopping but if you aren’t open to trying anything new, you might as well just buy the shirt you’re wearing right now in bulk.

There are lots of reasons not to like something and put it back on the rack but thinking you can’t pull off a look shouldn’t be one of them. If you like it and you feel confident in it, then it is for you. Period.

(Photo: gilaxia/iStock)