Did you watch World War Z and think, “why won’t they let those really cool, dexterous people over that wall? First – you seem like an interesting person to go to movies with, and you’ve found a way to make horror movies a lot less scary. Do you watch Jaws and think, “I should live among sharks and learn their ways?” Tell me more! And, second, these are probably a pair of tights you’d really enjoy.

The tights are available on Etsy for $35, and Sharon Bateman, the seller, promises that you’ll, “Be the best dressed Zombie at the party with the truly disgusting gangrene, bruised and bleeding tights with stitched up wounds. Tell me your size and I will make a pair just for you!”

Dude I Want That endorses them, saying:

Sharon Bateman’s custom-made leg sheaths are painted with ball joints, stitched-up wounds, dripping blood, and, just so it won’t feel left out, a healthy dose of gangrene. They’re ideal for zombie-themed costumes, as well as zombie-themed Saturday afternoon walks to the ice cream shop or the zoo or somewhere rife with children who your gashed and gruesome legs will make cry. Tights can be undeaded up in flesh-colored, white or pink.

You know, a lot of times I see tights that are an odd color or pattern from a distance and think that maybe something is wrong with the wearer’s legs. It would be nice to see these up close and know that was actually the intent.

Picture via Etsy