f. scott fitzgerald

When you go to school for anything pertaining to English or writing, you wind up reading a whole lot of this writer’s work. And you analyze one of his books and some stupid goddamn light for, oh, three different courses. And Leonardo Dicaprio is the star of an upcoming film based on his work. Any guesses?

Why, it’s F. Scott Fitzgerald, of course! Well, not “of course,” I suppose, because he looks completely different here than usual. Look at that gracefully extended neck and perfectly positioned smile! As somebody who takes the majority of her pictures looking somewhere along the lines of this, I am admittedly a little jealous of his ability to look elegant and delicate. This set of pictures was apparently taken in 1916 to promote a play Fitzgerald was in at Princeton University called “The Evil Eye.”

I always find it so appreciable when old photos surface that prove the past was not nearly as stiff and boring as many people in our generation assume it was. For goodness’ sake, those parties he and Zelda used to throw and attend? They are literally legendary. Plus, I just think it’s wonderful when idolized, beloved figures in our history are shown to have been gender benders — evidence that the truly brilliant are often way ahead of their time. In spite of this being from a play, it’s pretty snazzy that he was willing to dress up as and invest himself in a female character so beautifully.

For reference, this is what F. Scott Fitzgerald typically looked like:

f. scott fitzgerald

Attractive, but not nearly as graceful. Although I must admit, the man pulls off finger waves better than any other fellah I have ever encountered, so kudos to him.

[via Buzzfeed]