I don’t care how many free pairs of shoes you get — being an assistant to a high-powered fashion designer seems like some kind of seventh dimension of hell to me.

My feelings may be due in part to the fact that I don’t think I would enjoy something like being put on a chain and paraded about in front of photographers…which is exactly what Betsey Johnson did to her assistant Stephanie Wagenman when they attended the ballet together. In an interview with the Daily Front Row, Wagenman recounts the evening:

I went to the New York City Ballet with Betsey recently, and she decided to dress me up like one of the seven deadly sins. We picked wrath. Betsey drew all over me with a Sharpie, made my hair really crazy, dressed me in a giant hoop skirt with red bloomers and my butt showing — and she put me on a chain.

Maybe in other situations it would be fun to play around with a leash, or maybe it would have been hilarious and poignant commentary on power if Wagenman had leashed Johnson. But she didn’t. That’s not what happened. Betsey Johnson put her assistant on a leash.

And that is why I am not a fashion assistant.

What about you?

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