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Self-identified “aggressive” jeans owner Bella Hadid is back at it again with high-profile spring denim campaigns. Months after Topshop released their denim #ModelSquad, Bella has landed a new gig for Joe’s Jeans, a Los Angeles-based denim company with drool-worthy jeans (yes, jeans can be drool-worthy) that make my wallet sad. But we’re not here to talk about my wallet’s emotional instability. We’re here to talk pants.

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Bella stars in the print and video campaign with model Matthew Noszka, who, Fashionista reports, was scouted on Instagram in 2014 when he was working contruction in Pittsburgh. On an unrelated note, why does this never happen to me? I do some of my best unintentional modeling while getting drunken hot dogs. In true Bella form, the campaign is all about the strong, smoldering eye contact (or, in some cases, lack thereof):

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Making Indiana Jones proud, one hat at a time.

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And here’s the aforementioned construction worker. I still maintain that I look that attractive while shoving fries in my face after two bottles of wine.

The photos were reportedly shot in a vintage theater in downtown L.A., and the video shows off the campaign’s various locations, as well as giving us insight into Bella’s #deep thoughts re: travel and her future:

[youtube_iframe id="bIQnywV67VM"]

“I’ve been to a lot of places, but I don’t know where I would want to go” is basically my go-to answer when anyone asks me where I want to go for food, so I’m feeling that answer .

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It’s interesting to see how different Bella and supermodel sister Gigi Hadid are in their careers and modeling aesthetics. Sure, they’ve shared runways and magazine covers before, but while Gigi is perhaps best known for her various coversSports Illustrated spreads, and her status as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, Bella seems to be going for more popular retail campaigns and has, IMHO, a more high-fashion look overall

Really, though, given their rising popularity and little brother Anwar Hadid‘s recent breakout into modeling, it’s only a matter of time before the Model Siblings Hadid star in a campaign together. I’ll be taking bets as to what brand that will be for the next three weeks, if you’re interested.

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