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Ben Affleck must have read my comment *ahem* that I made last week regarding his facial hair. I loved his new hairstyle but his facial hair was another story. I wished that he will shave soon and he did. Ben Affleck looks more handsome than ever :).

Digressing from his improved look, Ben Affleck just launched a documentary called Gimme Shelter. The latter is a 4-minute short film documenting the humanitarian crisis currently happening at the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Gimme Shelter hopes to focus on the issues that everyone should be paying attention to instead of just looking away.

Props to Ben Affleck for using his fame for good causes like this. It makes his facial hair issues so superficial but I hope you all appreciate the fact that She Knows Best balances fashion, celebs, grooming, and lifestyles for everyone :).

To find out more about Gimme Shelter and how you could help, visit the UNHCR official website.

(Image : Newscom)