Despite their silliness and intentional controversy-baiting, Benetton’s print ads for its “Unhate” campaign have a fairly clear message: all world leaders should resolve their conflicting interests with one good, old fashioned makeout sesh. This latest video, however, is somewhat less clear, as it shows people around the world beating the crap out of each other, juxtaposed against…other people getting it on. Beautiful people, to be precise. Sometimes in the water. When that model-y couple jumps in the magical lake, I half expect a bottle full of “Amore, by Benetton” to pop up in the background.

This is all well and good for a clothing campaign, but it seems like they’re trying to make a larger statement and failing. Yes, people fight. Yes, people fall in love and have sex (but not necessarily in that order). And yes, there are parts of the world (like, most of them) where you’re given more or fewer (sometimes a lot fewer) rights depending on who you love. But this commercial doesn’t really make me think of that. It makes me think “who thought it was a good idea to splice a world conflict documentary with a sexytimes perfume commercial?” Benetton, that’s who.