Aviator sunglasses are a classic style. Buy them and you will have them for years to come and they will never look dated. Therefore, it isn’t too surprising that the classic style is also being created without the tinted lenses so glasses wearers can rock them all of the time.

The beauty of aviator eyeglasses is that they’re timeless but they also give you that geek chic look that is all over the Gucci runways. They’re also easier to pull off than some glasses trends like completely round frames or heavily embellished ones.

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Take a look at eight aviator frames that are perfect for mastering a geek chic look:

1. Derek Cardigan 704-53  ($95, Coastal)


Are you not quite ready to give up your chunky frames for a pair of thin aviators? These glasses are the solution. They’ve got a fun retro vibe and that ombre colorway is on point.

2. Ascent ($32, EyeBuyDirect)


Combine aviators with browline frames and cat eyes and you end up with this unique style. You’ve even got a semi-rimless detail in there too.

3. 0822 Emerald Green ($450, Cutler and Gross)


Do you usually always buy black or brown frames? Try some colored frames while you’re switching up your glasses shape. These chunky emerald green aviators tick all of the boxes.

4. Konishi KF7441-55 Frames ($35, Coastal)


These are your classic aviator frames that you will wear again and again. The satin gunmetal color will flatter a number of skin tones. Plus, it won’t clash with you makeup. The slightly squared-off edges on the frames give them a bit of edge.

5. Aviator Optics ($165, Ray Ban)


Of course the iconic Ray Ban aviators are also available in an optical version. Go for a classic but modern look with these gold frames.

6. York ($65, Warby Parker)


The classic thin aviators get a subtle pop of color thanks to this brushed navy version. Try them and you’ll be surprised by how easy to pull off they are. Plus, the navy shade does great things for all eye colors.

7. XXL Senator Eyeglasses ($120, Frames Direct)


Gold and silver aren’t you only options. Give brown a go. The large shape has that quirky cool vibe but it will still be flattering on smaller faces.

8. Tarantino ($19, EyeBuyDirect)


There isn’t only one “aviator look.” These budget-friendly frames offer a rounder option. However, they still keep things classic with the high-set bridge nose piece for a clear aviator finish.

(Photo: Coastal)