Halloween movies are some of the best seasonal movies because they work both around the holiday and whenever you need a good scare. Whether it’s a creepy foreign flick or a 1970s slasher, there are so many perfect ultra-quotable and epically frightening films. But what about the iconic fashion featured in lots of these movies?

1. If other people can smell your perfume, you’re wearing too much.

2. It’s okay to treat yourself to both a manicure and facial when you really need them.

3. You don’t always need to choose dark lipstick OR heavy eye makeup.

4. From Eve: “Always wear a pretty bra, because at some point, you will get topless while being chased by a maniac.”

5. From Liz: “…And wear running shoes so you don’t twist a damn ankle.”

6. It’s okay to look different.

7. You should be more mindful of your closet’s contents.

(No, seriously.)

8. There are worse shower surprises than eye + shampoo mishaps.

9. Miley was not the first person to lick gross shit.

10. Being hot is basically everything, folks.

11. People who dress exactly alike are creepy, not cute.

12. …Unless you’re in a group of 4 and have choreography.


13. Always find new, fun ways to stay in shape!

14. Regular dental checkups should be integral to your beauty regime. Also, do not let pink eye from too much makeup go untreated.

15. Dance like no one’s watching, unless they are, in which case: wash your f’ing hair.

let yo hair down

16. Always be true to your heroes and whatnot. <3

BONUS: Just to cheer you guys up after all that horror, here ya go!

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