If you’ve been on Instagram at all over the past, oh I don’t know, six months, you have seen the Stuart Weitzman Lowland and Highland. You don’t understand *quite* how prevalent they are until you start actively searching for it, but just trust me—every single fashion blogger you follow has them.

These black suede beauties—one almost-flat with a 1.25-inch heel, the other with a 3.5-inch heel—have so many fans for a reason. In terms of quality, class, and design simplicity, there are almost no competitors. The only problem? They cost $800. Yes, each. They’re unfortunately not a package deal. (Though if anyone from Stuart Weitzman marketing is reading this, might I propose a package discount for people like me who want both?) Anyways. Until an extra thousand dollars or so magically appears in my bank account, I had to bring in some backups.

As I’ve seen more and more of my favorite people—especially the always inspiring and fabulous Lisa of Mind Body Swag—wearing them, I’ve had to take matters into my own hands. I did my research, in stores and online, about the absolute best of the best for those of us want to get the Weitzman look on a budget. And since I figured some of you might be sharing in my struggle, I thought I should share the knowledge. Here we go!

THE LOWLAND BOOT (Stuart Weitzman, $798)

lowland bootThe cream of the crop, the Lowland is the be-all end-all flat over-the-knee boot. If you go to Neiman, Lord ‘n Taylor, or Bloomies, it is basically the only one they have. Because, why would you need any other? Heel height: 1.25 in. Shaft height: 23.5 in. Circumference: 14 in.

1. Unisa Careana Over the Knee Boot (DSW, $70)

unisaFor the most reasonable price on the list, these boots are incredibly close in appearance to the Lowland. The shape, heels, and tie in the back are dead-on knockoffs, and they don’t have any zippers, just like the Lowland. They are faux suede but if you’re looking for a super close imitation for the lowest possible price, this is it. Heel height: 1 in. Shaft height: 21.5 in. Circumference: 13.5 in.

2. Home Stretch OTK Boot (NastyGal, $95)

nastygal home stretchUnfortunately I haven’t seen these vegan suede boots in person, so I worry just a bit about the fit being too loose—a common problem with over-the-knee boots. One reviewer does say they’re a bit looser than she expected looking at the photo, but even she said she still loves them. There is a small zipper but it’s fairly discrete. Shaft height: 25 in. 

3. Charles by Charles David Rose Over-the-Knee Boots (Macys, $180 SALE $100)

Charles david boots

Even though this heel appears significantly higher than the Lowland in the photo, it’s actually only half an inch off. And it’s the best price you’re going to get for real suede. At 17 inches though, they will only barely cover your knees. Sale ends Jan. 31 though so hurry! Heel height: 1.5 in. Shaft height: 17 in. Circumference: 14 in.

4. Stuart Weitzman Playtime Over the Knee Boots (Bloomingdales, $598 SALE $299)

stuart weitzman OTK

Check it out, Stuart Weitzman actually made a less expensive version himself! (Well not normally priced, but if you can snag it on sale it certainly is.) I don’t personally love the rubber sole but hey, it is definitely practical! This sale ends Jan 31. Shaft height: 22.25 in. Circumference: 14.25 in.

5. Dolce Vita Neely Boot (Bloomingdales, $299) 

dolce vita neely

With just a 13-inch circumference, these boots will not fall down. In fact they describe the Neely as having “second-skin suede,” so that is definitely promising. Plus, I trust Dolce Vita in terms of quality—their shoes usually last me a long time. Shaft height: 22 in. Circumference: 13 in.

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THE HIGHLAND BOOT (Stuart Weitzman, $798)

highland boot

These babies are leg-lengthening machines, and I find it difficult to believe that they wouldn’t look good on anyone. Plus, a little over three inches is just enough heel to make you feel glam without making it impossible to walk. Heel height: 3.25 in. Shaft height: 24 in. Circumference: 14 in.

6. Key to My Heart Lace Up Over the Knee Boots (ASOS, $103)

asos boots

These four-inch tall heeled boots are so sleek you might not care that they’re only “suede-style.” But be warned: many sizes are already sold out. Heel height: 4 in. 

7. Steve Madden Gorgeous Over-the-Knee Boot (NastyGal, $150)

steve madden

With a 4.5-inch heel, these boots might be crossing over into wobbling territory. But the vegan suede and back lacing look nice enough that you might just fool some people. Heel height: 4.5 in. Shaft height: 27 in. 

8. Ivanka Trump Serena Over-the-Knee Dress Boots (Macys, $169) 

ivanka trumpAlthough the shaft of these boots was a bit shorter than I was looking for, most of the reviews reflect some extremely satisfied customer. They are obviously well-designed, even though they don’t copy the Highland *exactly.* Heel height: 3.5 in. Shaft height: 20.5 in. Circumference: 12.5 in.

9. Cienega Boot (Jeffrey Campbell, $190)

jeffrey campbell

I have personally been in this search for awhile, and the Cienega is the boot I finally pulled the trigger on. The three-inch heel was the perfect height for me, and I love that they are *so* tall—a whopping 25.5 inches. The only thing I worry about is the 15.75-inch circumference. Will they fall? I promise to leave a comment and let you know in the next few days. Heel height: 3 in. Shaft height: 25.5 in. Circumference: 15.75 in.

10. Jessica Simpson Ebyy Over-the-Knee Boots (Macys, $229 SALE $200) 

jessica simpson ebyyAlthough these are a chunkier, sturdier look than the sleek, sexy Highland, Jessica Simpson does make some legit boots—real suede, for a fraction of the Weitzman price. This sale also ends 1/31. Heel height: 3 in. Shaft height: 21.25 in. Circumference: 14 in.

11. Kayla Boot (Sam Edelman, $285)

sam edelman

Yes, the banana heel is different and higher than the Highland, but doesn’t it give that sexy feel we’re going for here? Plus, it has the tie in the back to keep it up on your leg. Heel height: 4.5 in. 

Are there any I missed? Leave a comment!