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Happy birthday to the original teen queen, Molly Ringwald! She may be turning 48 years old today, but in my heart, she’ll forever be blowing out 16 candles.

To celebrate the big day, throw on your favorite Simple Minds vinyl and dance around like you’re a teenager stuck in Saturday morning detention. When you’re finished doing that, check out the following 8 throwback Molly Ringwald looks we still love today.

This embellished bomber jacket

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That bomber jacket wouldn’t look at all out of place in 2016. In fact, Forever 21 is selling a slew of similar jackets for great prices. Click here if you want to check those out.

These cool hipster glasses
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Take a stroll into any first-year college philosophy class and you’re bound to encounter at least two dozen people wearing a pair of these glasses (and rolling their eyes).

This insanely cool high school gym uniform

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I don’t know about you guys, but my high school gym uniform did not look anywhere near as amazing as this one.

Casual fisherman’s sweater and flats

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Oversized sweater, boyfriend jeans, and flats: this is pretty much the exact outfit I live in during the fall.

A surprisingly cute bridesmaid dress and a floral crown

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As far as bridesmaid dresses go, this one from 1984’s Sixteen Candles is pretty timeless. I’ve definitely seen some far worse picks on my Facebook homepage over the past few years. Love that floral crown, too.

Snazzy sunnies and a lacy top

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Don’t even try to tell me that you wouldn’t wear the shit out of those sunglasses at a summer music festival. I’m also loving that embellished blue cardigan.

The iconic pink prom dress
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My own high school prom took place 21 years after Pretty in Pink was released, but trust me, if I’d the chance to wear Molly’s character DIY dress, I would have jumped on it.

The pink shirt and brown skirt ensemble

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This is the outfit Molly wore in The Breakfast Club, and it’s easy to see why the look has become so iconic. I love that belted, wrap-around skirt and her knee-high boots. The dance moves aren’t bad either.