Heather Old Glasses FIt is a new year which means it is time for…new glasses! I have not gotten a pair of new eyeglasses in awhile, and figured now is the time. Forget about New Year’s resolutions, get glasses instead. Since everyone was so helpful when Kelsey asked for your help in choosing a pair, and you helped me figure out what crazy color I should dye my hair, I decided to ask for your help in selecting my new frames.

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When I started my search for new glasses, I knew I wanted something a bit different than my current pair. (That’s them in the top photo, FYI), but I still wanted a fairly chunky frame. I found out about EyeBuyDirect‘s new RFLKT Eyewear line. The glasses take inspiration from contemporary architecture and design and use different premium materials from Germany and Italy, which results in interesting frames in cool shapes. The range includes 30 eyeglasses and sunglasses, but I’m keeping my options to glasses today.

Like all the other frames on EyeBuyDirect, they will not bankrupt you. The frames are about $70. What’s even better is that for every pair purchased from RFLKT Eyewear, EyeBuyDirect will donate $2 to local charitable organizations.

There are a number of different frames for men and women in different colors, so after trying on a bunch with the online virtual mirror, I narrowed my options down to these five frames:

1. RFLKT Concept Frames in Macchiato Tortoise ($70, EyeBuyDirect)Heather Glasses 3 F

These are a similar color on the top to my old pair, but they have a semi-transparent espresso tortoiseshell finish melded with white at the bottom. Plus, the shape is different.

2. RFLKT Nostalgia Frames in Charcoal ($70, EyeBuyDirect)Heather Glasses 2 F

Normally I go for brown instead of black or gray glasses, but I liked the gold contrast in these. You can’t tell it from the photo, but the arms are also gold, like the nose piece.

3. RFLKT Atmosphere Frames in Cognac and Navy Floral ($70, EyeBuyDirect)Heather Glasses 4 F

Some may say that these are close to my original pair, but they are a different shape. If you look closely, you will notice that  the semi-transparent marbled animal print finish has shots of blue.

4. RFLKT Aurora Eyeglasses in Flecked Ivory ($70, EyeBuyDirect)

Heather Glasses 5 F

As you have probably figured out by now, I normally choose glasses with more than one color. This flecked ivory frame is different than then usual brown.

5. RFKLT Fade Frames in Translucent Striated Rose ($70, EyeBuyDirect)Heather Glasses 1 F

These were my wild card pick. They aren’t something I would have normally thought I would like, but they are different compared to any pair of glasses I have ever had.

So, which frames do you think I should get? Let me know in the poll, or sound off in the comments.

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(Photos: Heather Cichowski/The Gloss)