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Keeping abreast of what’s going on at New York Fashion Week can be a daunting task, even if you’re actually there. For those who are not, sifting through the glut of coverage can be a thankless task full of weak prose and blurry pictures before you find the gems. To make everyone’s lives easier, we’ve picked out our favorite fashion week sources so you’ll be guaranteed the best coverage first thing. These are the blogs we’ll be following this Fashion Week.



Fashionista has an army of bloggers with very fast Internet connections, which virtually guarantees comprehensive coverage with a fast turnaround. The sites editors are also supremely well-dressed, and the chronicles of their fashion week outfits are as good a source of inspiration as anything on the runway.



Check out Racked’s coverage for extensive show galleries with a quick turnaround and dishy liveblogs that will make you feel like you’re scoping out the front row in person. Make sure to check out the street style coverage, which can be equal parts inspiring and hilarious.


The Cut

The Cut is an excellent stop if you want fun articles like “10 Types of People You Meet at Fashion Week Parties” mixed in with serious, hard-hitting fashion criticism. Not a lot of people are willing to admit a beloved designer’s collection sucks, but if it happens, it will probably happen over here.


On The Runway

The great Cathy Horyn just retired, but the New York Times’ blog is still the place to keep track of everything that’s going on in the industry, and its writers really know their stuff when it comes to fashion history. If you want to know where Marc Jacobs got the idea for that jacket and how many stitches it took to put it together, someone at On The Runway probably knows.


Into the Gloss

For the best backstage coverage and most artful “model in progress” shots, follow Into the Gloss to get the best info on next season’s hair and makeup looks before they even go down the runway.


Fashion Week Daily

When the runways have wrapped and the models are all icing their feet, all the famous fashion people go have fabulous parties. Check out FWD for the best scene coverage and fast, comprehensive runway galleries practically as soon as the shows have happened.


Man Repeller

Fashion can take itself a bit too seriously sometimes. Leandra Medine is basically the cure for that. Read her blog for an insider’s take on upcoming trends that sounds like it comes from your weird best friend and leaves you informed but without feeling like a fashion slave.



All the cool, black-clad kids at the arty lunch table in high school wound up working for Blackbook. Hang out at this blog if you love fashion as art, love fashion nipples, and hate the color pink.



It’s good to know what the boys are up to, even if you’re just there for the eye candy. Check out GQ for menswear coverage with the occasional hilarious infographic.


Jak & Jil

Tommy Ton’s street style coverage is unparalleled. He has an eye for detail and access to the fanciest of fashion’s fancy people. Keep an eye on this tumblr for the best accessories porn you’ll see all year.

Bonus: Don’t forget your favorite bloggers right here at The Gloss. (We are your favorites, right? Please say yes. We’ll be your best friends.) We’ll be covering New York Fashion Week with trend roundups from the tents, the best beauty looks, and snarkily making fun of all the fancy people in the front rows. You won’t want to miss it.

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