Figure skating costumes are one of my greatest joys of life. They’re gaudy, they’re glitzy, they’re designed to be worn while performing amazing feats of athletic achievement. I could look at them all day every day and that’s just reason #452 of the #8436277 reasons I am so freaking excited for the figure skating at the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.  Whatever anyone wears on the ice this year is bound to be better than the Ralph Lauren-designed opening ceremony uniforms, that’s for sure.

In the expert opinion of me and me only, here are the top ten Olympic figure skating costumes of all time. I chose mostly tasteful ones, but do let me know if you’d appreciate a companion post on the worst (aka gaudiest, most bedazzled, and weirdest) figure skating costumes. Feel free to argue with me and bring up alternatives in the comments. Just don’t step to my choice of Johnny Weir.

If you, like me, never tire of looking at figure skating costumes, I highly recommend the Figure Skating Costumes tumblr as well as the Skating Fugly tumblr. There are plenty of hours of sequined procrastination on those pages.