Forever 21 Sale

Forever 21 is cheap. It’s so, so very cheap. And now it’s even cheaper. Already on-sale items are an extra 50-percent off until October 14 with the sale code EXTRA50 at checkout. We can’t resist a deal, so we went shopping for you. Here are 10 awesome and actually useful items that are ridiculously inexpensive right now at Forever 21.

Wild Zebra Skinny Jeans


You’re going to want a pair of zebra-print skinny jeans at some point. Maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow, but you will someday and for the rest of your life. But blowing a lot of money on something like zebra-print skinny jeans is not a great idea unless you’re rich or a style blogger. These are under $10.

Original price: $27.80
Sale price: $9.50

Colorblock High-Low Shirt


Untucked, this is one of those trendy shirts that’s cut high in front and low in the back. Tucked in, it’s totally appropriate for work. And right now it’s less than two Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

Original price: $22.80
Sale price: $7.99

Flat Collar Chiffon Shirt


Here’s a genuine 90s fashion tip from someone who was the same age as Cher and Dionne when Clueless came out: If you buy a crop top and then feel weird about having your belly out, it was completely chic to wear your crop top over a longer shirt. The lack of sleeves and collar on this one, as well as the high-low hem and cool sheer fabric, make this an excellent candidate for layering under cropped sweaters.

Original price: $17.80
Sale price: $5.99

Vertical Striped Romper


We love rompers at The Gloss, and this one is very cute and less than $8. It’s also not too twee, so you can wear it even if you’re a grown-up.

Original price: $22.80
Sale price: $7.99

Bejeweled Chiffon Romper


This is the mythical Formal Romper. It has chiffon fabric and a jeweled collar.

Original price: $29.80
Sale price: $10.49

Essential Flap Skirt


This is just a basic black mini skirt. If you already have one, you do not need this one. If you do not yet own a black mini skirt, it is a very useful thing to have in one’s wardrobe.

Original price: $15.80
Sale price: $5.49

Metallic-Blend Boucle Skirt


This is a sparkly, textured version of the basic black mini skirt. These are excellent for winter and can basically be worn anywhere.

Original price: $19.80
Sale price: $4.99

Sweetheart Lace Bustier


This would be very cute under a jacket for a daring formal look. Or just wear it alone if that’s how you roll.

Original price: $19.80
Sale price: $6.99

Boxy Longline Blouse


This is a basic cream-colored blouse. If you already own one, you probably don’t need another. If you are a young person in need of a work wardrobe but who wants to save all her money for her fun wardrobe, this $7 blouse is perfect.

Original price: $19.80
Sale price: $6.99

Colorblocked Chiffon Top


Original price: $15.80
Sale price: $5.49