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There’s something about the American Music Awards that’s unlike any other awards show. Maybe it’s the fact that, since it’s a celebration of music, people want to look like they’re wearing performance pieces, or maybe it’s just the general excitement that surrounds the impending arrival of awards season, but celebrities really pull out all the stops, both in good and bad ways (you all remember Frankie Grande‘s painted-on suit from last year, right?). What’s more, this particular show seems to be a draw for the biggest names in Hollywood, and what could be better than looking at famous people and judging them shamelessly?

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From the bold and beautiful to the confusingly printed and naked, here are the best and worst-dressed celebrities from the 2015 AMAs:


1. Selena Gomez

2015 American Music Awards - Arrivals

You’ve probably seen this look by now, as the collective Internet pretty much had a panic attack as soon as Selena stepped out on the red carpet. It took me some time, but this dress really grew on me. You know, so long as I don’t look at it from the back.

2. Meghan Trainor

2015 American Music Awards - Arrivals

All-black-everything is always a good choice as far as I’m concerned, and I’m a sucker for a strong shoulder and a red lip.

3. Ciara

2015 American Music Awards - Arrivals

There’s nothing else I can say about this look other than that it’s absolutely stunning. Seriously, there are few other people on the planet that can pull off sheer detail like Ciara can, proving that she remains a fashion icon.

4. Hailee Steinfeld

2015 American Music Awards - Arrivals

This romper got mixed reviews (The Gloss team was divided over it, as I’m sure the fashion community at large probably was, too), but I love it. Maybe I’m confusing my love for Hailee Steinfeld with my love for her clothes? Whatever. Just let it happen.

5. Hannah Davis

2015 American Music Awards - Arrivals

There was a lot of sheer happening at the AMAs last night (I saw more thigh than I’ve seen on myself in my entire lifetime), but this is probably my favorite sheer look of the night. Hannah didn’t overdo it like so many other celebrities did, and the sheer fabric doesn’t distract me from the overall look.

6. Ashley Benson

2015 American Music Awards - Arrivals

I always love it when celebrities wear suits on the red carpet, and this teal one is a great twist on a classic look.

7. Nina Dobrev

2015 American Music Awards - Arrivals

Everything about this, from the cape to the bright embroidered print to the shoes, is absolute perfection.

8. Nicki Minaj

amas nicki minaj

I think we can all agree that this is Nicki’s best look since her gold gown at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, right? If I don’t own a similar dress to this at some point before I die, I will not have lived a full life.

9. Jennifer Lopez

2015 American Music Awards - Show

This is just one of JLo’s bajillion outfits of the night, but it’s by far my favorite. It’s very Kim Kardashian maternity-style, and I’m here for it.

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1. Kat Graham

2015 American Music Awards - Arrivals

It almost looks like Kat Graham went to a birthday party, saw that the birthday girl had tons of leftover sparkly tissue paper from unwrapping her presents, and thought, “I could make a horrible, ill-fittng dress out of that.”

2. Gigi Hadid

amas gigi hadid

I love Gigi with all of my heart, and her new lob is to die for (even if it’s only a wig), but this outfit is more bad ’90s pop star than high-fashion supermodel.

3. Gwen Stefani

2015 American Music Awards - Arrivals

Remember how Kat Graham made her dress out of leftover tissue paper? That’s pretty much what Gwen did here, but instead of tissue paper, she used leftover tulle (because celebrities always have that lying around, you know?).

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4. Demi Lovato

2015 American Music Awards - Arrivals

Demi’s makeup doesn’t really offend me here (I love a good dark lip), but that dress is just awful. It’s vaguely reminiscent of Kim Kardashian’s grandma couch dress but with a bad snake print instead of florals, and it doesn’t do anything for her figure.

5. Z LaLa

2015 American Music Awards - Arrivals

Oh, Z LaLa. Why are you the way that you are?

6. Tove Lo

2015 American Music Awards - Arrivals

…Tove Lo was just naked, right?

7. Ariana Grande

2015 American Music Awards - Press Room

This looks like something a middle school student would wear to her spring formal when she was going through her “edgy” phase.

8. Jennifer Lopez

2015 American Music Awards - Press Room

Well, with so many outfits, at least one of JLo’s had to be a downer, right? Like, I get that she has a killer figure that she’s worked hard for and is more than welcome to show it off, but does she have to show it off in a dress that looks like an unfinished version of the one Elsa wears in Frozen?

And in our very special “Too Confused To Categorize” section, we have:

One Direction

2015 American Music Awards - Arrivals

Someone needs to sit Harry Styles down and give him a stern talking-to, because I have no idea what he’s doing here.

Did your favorite looks make the list? Did you have any that you liked or hated more? Tell us in the comments!

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