Just when you thought you were done hearing about Karl Lagerfeld‘s rude words about Adele, feminist pop hero Beth Ditto steps in to sum it up in her inimitably pithy way.

As one of just a few fat women to attain both style icon and pop star status, Ditto has become a de facto hero of body acceptance for women all over the world. Hence, it’s not surprising that The London Evening Standard asked her to comment on the Lagerfeld/Adele debacle in a recent interview. Here’s what she had to say:

I don’t think Adele would deny that she was fat. And I bet she doesn’t. Karl Lagerfeld used to be fat himself, so you gotta think about that. He’s obviously not proud of that fact. I also think that people give him way too much power! He’s just an eccentric designer who makes amazing art but doesn’t always say the coolest shit.

Do you hear that, K-Dawg? You’re just a self-hating former chubs working out your own issues on innocent, unsuspecting people who already know they’re fat and are cool with it. You also benefit unfairly from the fact that people care what you have to say. Just because someone’s good at making things doesn’t mean they can’t also be an asshat!

But it’s okay, because Adele really doesn’t care. At least, Beth Ditto doesn’t think she does:

The way I feel about Adele is, I doubt, and I hope, and I’m pretty confident, that she does not think about Karl Lagerfeld, ever. I bet that is the last thing on her mind at night. She’s falling asleep on her 85 Grammys and however many millions of albums she’s sold and however many millions of pounds that she has, and is just probably thinking, like, “You know what – all right!”

Judging from the countless interviews where Adele has been asked what it’s like to be a non-skinny pop star and replied that it’s just fine, I’d say she’s right. See, for instance, this quote she gave The Daily Mail on the Karl incident:

I’ve never wanted to look like models on the cover of magazines. I represent the majority of women and I’m very proud of that.

It doesn’t get much clearer than that.

(Via The London Evening Standard)