You might think that you’ve seen it all in terms of pumpkin spice latte products. Pretty much every food gets a PSL makeover for fall. Not to mention that we’ve had everything from pumpkin spice face masks to pumpkin spice hair to pumpkin spice highlighter. Betsey Johnson has managed to come up with something that will intrigue even those who are jaded with pumpkin spice: a pumpkin spice latte bag.

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The Kitsch Sweata Weatha Crossbodybag Bag ($75) is an adorable purse that’s shaped like a frozen pumpkin spice latte, complete with a straw and rounded dome package for the “cream.” It features a metallic orange base with a “cup holder” revealing what drink it is, just in case you weren’t clear by the orange packaging. The top also features a lipstick kiss which matches the color of the pink straw.

Because it’s not all about looks, the bag has a golden crossbody chain strap. There’s also a zip located just under the “lid” so you can fill it with the necessities. The cylinder bag will fit your phone, cards, keys and a few pieces of makeup. It really is about the size of an autumnal frozen PSL because it’s 8″H x 5″W x 5″D. The strap measures 56″ long.

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If you already had your actual pumpkin spice drink, it’s time to get the bag. Then you’ll know exactly what to carry on your next PSL dash.