We love it when Beyoncé harnesses the power of Tumblr to let us live vicariously through her beautiful, A-list life. When her gorgeous tropical vacation photos accidentally set off a torrent of spurious Internet speculation about misuse of Photoshop by Queen Bey, we were worried Beyoncé would take her camera and go home, leaving us bereft of adorable photos of baby Blue Ivy. But we needn’t have worried, because Beyoncé is infinitely forgiving and generous, and she has chosen to celebrate Easter by sharing pictures of her family that will make your ovaries explode.


She’s so cute, I can’t even.


Look at her pretty little dress! And those little gold shoes! I have just fainted from an excess of squee.


Blue Ivy does not even care about meeting the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny is C-list, and Blue Ivy has eggs to find. The Easter Bunny can be her personal assistant and hold her basket for her.

God, these are so cute we cannot even deal. Blue Ivy is so adorable in her little ears and her little dress. And everything just looks so shiny and happy. Would Jay-Z and Beyoncé be interested in adopting us? It would be great to be Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s kid, especially since that would mean getting to enjoy the biggest perk of all: Shopping trips with Aunt Solange.

If these photos have not already gotten you pregnant, here’s one more that might just finish the job: