While your breezy spring wardrobe might still involve a mackintosh, snow boots, and six sweaters, Beyoncé has taken her perfect little family on vacation someplace warm, with white sand beaches and blue ocean and excellent lighting for envy-inducing Tumblr posts.

Beyoncé’s Mrs. Carter tour just ended in late March, so of course she wants to relax and go on a nice vacation. And she’s been sharing pictures on Tumblr that prove a Beyoncé vacation is as perfect and relaxing as a 132-show world tour is exhausting. While most people would just be sleeping in and drinking piña coladas, Beyoncé looks like she’s in a magazine editorial in a hot pink crop top and fashion overalls.

beyonce-tumblr-vacation-pictures-blue-ivy05 beyonce-tumblr-vacation-pictures-blue-ivy04

Tiny Blue Ivy is so cute in her matching bathing suit! It’s hard to believe she is two already.


Beyoncé looks amazing with no makeup. We don’t think we’ve ever been this relaxed in our entire lives. She looks so relaxed that looking at this picture is actually relaxing. Just take a deep breath and look at Beyoncé. It’s better than meditation.


Climbing a tree, like you do.


We want that middle cocktail and that lime more than we’ve ever wanted anything in our lives.

Some celebrity lifestyle photos make us feel deeply envious and a teeny bit resentful, but Beyoncé’s family looks so happy it has the opposite effect. We’d love to be on a Caribbean vacation right now, but if we can’t be, then living vicariously through Beyoncé is the second best option.

(Photos: Tumblr/Beyonce)