The highly anticipated Vogue cover featuring the woman who’s been in the news recently more than the damn President has just been released, along with photos of her shoot. It’s strange: it’s not as though I assume Beyonce‘s second Vogue cover appearance would include some absurd, over-the-top spread complete with dragons and sprinkles; I just didn’t expect her to look so…bored? It’s as though she was just coming back from dinner when somebody from Vogue caught her on the way out and was all, “Hey Bey, can we take a couple pics?” and she was like, “Um, okay, but I ate some turkey and took melatonin and I’m kinda resting up for this huge Inauguration scandal that’s about to go down. Jay-Z, wait in the car, I’ll be done in fifteen.”

Of course, models regularly look bored and apathetic in photo shoots all the time. But they’re frequently there to showcase the clothes or the makeup or even just the ingenuity of the shoot; this woman is an icon. For goodness’ sake, the cover literally says, “QUEEN B! BEYONCE RULES THE WORLD.” Imagining a Beyonce cover for the biggest fashion magazine in the world just conjures up something a little less uninspired. Of course, she does look stunning in the clothing and her hair and makeup look great, so it’s not like this shoot is all sorts of bad — it’s just kinda dull. Personally, I’ll take Fierce-With-Weird-Facial-Expressions Beyonce over this any day, but see for yourself!

Photos: Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue[ITPGallery]