56th GRAMMY Awards - Press Room

Beyoncé can do no wrong these days, hot off her remarkable Grammys performance, an excellent essay on feminism, and still basking in the glow of a million fan girls following the surprise release of her striking visual album. And when I say no wrong, I mean no wrong. I mean that Beyoncé went out in public in a hat made for a child or 2005 Myspace-dweller and pulled it the hell off.

Beyonce and Jay Z went to last night’s Brooklyn Nets game and sat court side, as one does, and Beyond The Buzzer snagged this photo of them being adorable.

beyonce jay z courtside

Beyoncé kept her angelic head warm with a Eugenia Kim pom-pom beanie (reasonably on sale for $115!). Not one pom-pom, but two. Like little Mickey Mouse ears. Somebody explain to me why I love this so much. It didn’t hurt that Beyoncé paired it with a Karl Lagerfeld PUNK capsule collection tartan biker jacket, dark jeans, and boots, which is as refreshingly close to normal wear as we’re ever going to see on her.

When I started seeing those hats with ears making the jump from funny novelty item to typical accessory, I was firmly against it (just kidding, wear whatever you want). I had trouble not associating it with a particular trend that I kept seeing around my home state of California wherein girls would attach animal tails to their jeans. Or perhaps with someone’s zany Aunt Linda who runs a pot dispensary and sells dream catchers.

The whole wearing animal parts to look like a cute little animal girl isn’t to my taste, and so you’d think I’d run screaming the other direction at the sight of a double pom-pom’d hat. And yet, I love it. The fact that they’re not actual cat ears seems to make it much more palatable, and even enjoyable. I am a person who loves seeing celebrities in “casual” clothes, albeit their version of a casual outfit costs more than my rent. Oh well. I love this hat and I won’t apologize.

Photos: Twitter, Getty