Beyonce Formation Topknot(GIF: Giphy)

If you thought that you would have to wait until Beyonce‘s highly anticipated Super Bowl performance tonight to get some new Bey in your life, you are in luck. Beyonce has surprised everyone by releasing a brand new song and music video. The track is called “Formation.” If you were to look up the modern definition of “powerful” in the dictionary, it’s likely that you would find a picture of Beyonce there, and they would use this video as an example.

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Beyonce has released a lot of amazing videos. Even back in her Destiny’s Child days, they combined power, strength and style. However, “Formation” just might be Beyonce’s most epic music video to date. If you were obsessed with Bey’s recent “Hymn for the Weekend” video with Coldplay you are going to love this even more. The video has the entire internet talking more than usual.

“Formation” is an empowering song. It is also one that feels highly personal to Beyonce. It is all about Beyonce embracing her heritage and identity, and not giving two f’s about what the rest of the world thinks. Sample lyric: “Ya’ll haters corny with that Illuminati mess, paparazzi catch my fly, and my cocky fresh.” In addition to a personal message, the track also comments about society. It features shots that recall the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and it brings attention to the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Not only are the lyrics powerful, but so is the imagery in the video. In the opening scene, Beyonce is crouching on top of a New Orleans police car that is submerged underwater. The fashion and beauty looks in the video also play a significant part in getting her message across.

Like the lyrics, the outfits are bold. They aren’t just visually impactful, they help trace the history of Louisiana and Beyonce’s identity. Take a look at some of Beyonce’s looks from her “Formation” video:Beyonce Formation Police Car

From the first scene, Beyonce captivates.

Beyonce Formation Black Hat

The entire “Formation” video is a feast for the eyes, and this shot is no exception.
Beyonce Formation Red Jumpsuit

As Beyonce sings, “I did not come to play with you hoes, I came to slay, bitch.” She is doing just that in this red bodysuit.

Beyonce Formation White Blouse

This is basically the visual definition of “slay.”
Beyonce Formation Blue Ivy

Even Blue Ivy makes a charismatic appearance in the video wearing a white dress and standing with two other girls. In the song, Beyonce sings, “I like my baby hair, with baby hair and afros.”

Want more? Check out the full video:


All of the elements in Beyonce’s “Formation” work together. The lyrics, the fashion, the beauty looks, the scenery, it all adds up to convey a very powerful message. If this is what she released prior to her big Super Bowl performance, imagine what she is going to do during that.