Other celebrities promote their tours with posters, but that’s too basic for Beyoncé and Jay Z. While they are so famous they don’t even really have to promote their joint On The Run tour, they’re still going to take it to the next level by producing a giant, Hollywood-quality movie trailer for a fake Bonnie and Clyde-style heist movie called Run.

Watching this crazy trailer makes us wish they’d actually make a movie together. Jay Z can’t necessarily act, and Beyoncé is just OK, but from what we’ve seen of this movie there’d be plenty of other actors around to do the heavy emotional lifting. In addition to Jay Z and Bey, this 3-minute trailer starred Sean Penn, Blake Lively, Don Cheadle, Emmy Rossum, Jake Gyllenhaal, Rashida and Kidada Jones, and Guillermo Diaz. With those guys around, Jay Z and Beyoncé are free to focus on the fashion, and the fashion is pretty hardcore.

Jay rocks some white suits, and Beyoncé proves that she would make the world’s worst bank robber, because even while wearing a knit ski mask you can still tell it is her because of her gorgeous, heavily lined eyes. Beyoncé also does a lot of running away from the police in a black bikini, and a lot of firing a gun with her mouth open. It’s pretty sexy.

But let’s be honest, this movie is all about the hair. It’s more about hair than Charlie’s Angels was. Beyonce’s hair is waved and blown-out like Barbie’s. Blake Lively’s curls look even better than they did at Cannes, and Emmy Rossum’s hair is so sleek and shiny that her cop character looks like she stopped off mid-chase for a keratin treatment.

Sadly, Run is not a real movie, because it looks like the Bonnie & Clyde remake everybody has been asking for. At the end of the trailer it says “Coming Never,” dashing our hopes for the prettiest heist movie of all time.

(Video: YouTube/Jay Z’s Life + Times)