Beyonce slay

Remember when Beyonce wore that red Christmas sweater in her “7/11” video to the delight of ugly Christmas sweater fans everywhere? Two years after that video was released, Queen Bey is following it up by releasing a holiday range inspired by Lemonade and it sleighs.

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It might seem like some Christmas joke at first, but it’s the truth. has a range of holiday-themed items for you to choose from. Of course, this is Beyonce so you don’t just get Christmas sweaters. You also get hoodies, a crop top, joggers and a tank top. Then you can buy some Lemonade holiday wrapping paper to wrap up all of your purchases in.

Check out some of the pieces in the collection:
1. I Sleigh Green Pullover ($60, Shop Beyonce)

Beyonce Pullover

You will sleigh when you’re rocking this pullover. It has the same saying on the front as the back so people will get he message loud and clear. FYI: The top is available in sizes S to XXL.

Beyonce Pullover 2

2. Boy Bye Red Sweatpants ($60, Shop Beyonce)

Beyonce Sweatpants

Forget the pajamas and rock these on Christmas morning. On the bum, it says “Boy Bye,” complete with a lemon over the “o” in “boy.”

Beyonce Sweatpants 1

3. I Came to Sleigh Cropped Tee ($40, Shop Beyonce)

Beyonce Cropped Tee

The stocking filled with lemons is amazing, but things gets even better when you flip the shirt around. On the back it reads, “I came to sleigh.”

Beyonce Cropped Tee Back

4. Blue and Yellow Holiday Wrapping Paper ($16, Shop Beyonce)

Beyonce Wrapping Paper

This is so good that you will probably not want to use it to wrap presents with. It’s wrapping paper with some of Bey’s iconic looks from Lemonade, plus a stocking filled with lemons. Where have you ever seen wrapping paper like this before?

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The regular Lemonade merchandise is pretty epic, but this Christmas-themed stuff takes it to a new level. If you want to get into the holiday spirit a la Beyonce, you can pre-order the collection now. It will ship by December 15 so you will have it just in time for all of celebrations.