beyonce on cr fashion book

The world of high fashion is a strange, strange little place. Everyone who’s ever flipped through a copy of Carine Roitfeld‘s magazine, CR Fashion Book, can tell you a story about something odd, confusing, or groundbreaking that they saw within its shiny pages. Our patron saint of beauty and grace, Beyoncé, just did a shoot for the mag, and the photos are equal parts gorgeous and… nutzo.

Let’s just take a second to break down this cover. First of all, I love that they’re going for the minimal makeup look: natural brows, neutral colors, nothing visible on the lower lash line. The tousled hair and natural nails are a great touch, too. It’s fun to see her get all glammed up (like she did for the VMAs performance that we’re still jazzed about days later), but it’s always refreshing to see our icons looking stripped down and real. Maybe the #nomakeup look is unrealistic when it’s coming from a magazine with a high budget, perfect lighting, and a team of photo editors, but it’s still a nice aesthetic.

Cool. So now that we got that out of the way, let’s focus on the real point of this photo, which is that SHE’S WRAPPED IN A BEDSPREAD. What else can you even call this? For a second I tried to convince myself that it’s a parka, and then I moved onto “insulated cape,” and then I landed back on Pottery Barn Teen. Or a sleeping bag, maybe? Are we supposed to imagine her at a middle school slumber party in someone’s basement? Are we supposed to picture her waking up in a dude’s bed in a romantic comedy and running around the room wrapped in his duvet? I don’t understand the disconnect between the glamorous beauty and the weirdo fashion.

If you’re loving this picture, the rest of the shoot won’t disappoint. If you’re down to see Beyoncé wearing a corset over a man’s t-shirt while having a surfboard for wings– or Beyoncé as some kind of human centipede wearing multiple sweaters– you can see the other images here. Godspeed.

Via E! / Photo: CR Fashion Book