beyonce-feetNipples are so hot right now. Rihanna‘s love of nipple-baring made her the best-dressed at last night’s CFDA awards, and at an L.A. basketball game, not long after it got her kicked off Instagram. Scout Willis just made herself a mini celebrity by wandering around New York topless in protest of the Instagram policies that got Rihanna’s account banned, while Miley Cyrus has employed fake boobs to advocate for #FreeTheNipple without getting her account deleted. But now Queen Bey has joined the party, and that means things are getting serious.

Beyoncé posted an arty, mostly faceless picture to her Tumblr this morning with her nipples visible beneath a tight halter top bathing suit. It’s very tame compared with even Rihanna’s CFDA dress, but it’s still Beyoncé posting her nipples on the Internet, which means visible nipples are definitely a trend for summer.


Beyoncé probably won’t be walking the streets of New York topless any time soon, but it does seem like she’s down with the fashion nipple trend. If every big celebrity is doing it, maybe this will be the summer everyone stops fussing with Band-Aids and pasties and just goes braless whenever they feel like it. That’d be pretty cool, and not just because sweating under an underwire can really suck.

Speaking of accessories, another trend Beyoncé’s selfie is starting appears to be giant, chunky necklaces with bathing suits. I really hope that one takes off, because Beyoncé’s looks fierce. I don’t know if she’s going to swim with it or just sit by the pool, but if January Jones can wear diamonds in the bathtub, I am definitely in favor of statement necklaces in the pool.