Beyonce Celebrates The Release Of Her Self-Titled Visual Album "Beyonce"As if the world hadn’t already suspended all of its usual activities to sit in bedrooms the world over listening to Beyoncé’s incredible new self-titled album and forgot all other obligations, Bey and co. decided to throw a release party this weekend in New York City Saturday night. She deserves a party after what must have been a very busy 2013, with her world tour, surprise album, and new fragrance. I really want to love this look in a very profound way, but I’m struggling. Hopefully we can all get through this together.

Beyonce Celebrates The Release Of Her Self-Titled Visual Album "Beyonce"

Beyoncé’s Tom Ford Spring 2014 dress is fantastic, and it looks like the dress was made for her. She wore the same boots from the runway look, and that’s where I get tripped up. She looks stunning, but I can’t deal with those boots. I’m on board for all aspects of them–the texture (a sort of broken glass effect that matches the dress) and I’ve never been able to turn down a thigh high boot. But I can’t deal with the open toe. I just can’t.

Tom Ford - Runway: London Fashion Week SS14

Does this mean I am not fashion forward (we already maybe knew that)? Or that I am incapable of adventure? Look, I’m willing to put up with and even a embrace a lot of weird crap in life. I am extremely lenient when it comes to crop tops and I’ve even been known to like a cut out or two. But at some point you have to stand up straight and in a loud, steady voice, draw the line. And opened toed thigh high boots simply cross the line for me.

I can’t decide between a “flawless” or a “bow down” joke, so I’m just going to scrap both and say that Beyonce looks fantastic as she always does, because that’s a woman who knows how to work anything, even an opened toed boot.

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