Beyonce was recently the victim of some high profile bad Photoshop (the unsubtly excessive kind) when H&M decided to run a heavily buffed version of the singer in her new swimwear campaign. Beyonce was reportedly “pissed.” While excessive, however, the H&M campaign was still recognizably human.

Roberto Cavalli, brand of the trash-talking, monkey-owning, crystal ball-collecting eccentric who believes his work to be the work of god, decided to do them one better and make Beyonce into a bizarre human/cartoon hybrid. The house of Cavalli was brought on to design the costumes for Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter world tour and the sketch they’ve released is… well, extremely off-putting.

However! Before anyone goes acting like we’ve never seen a fashion illustration before, let’s take a trip down memory lane and briefly review Cavalli’s costumes for that other pop juggernaut, the Spice Girls:

roberto cavalli spice girls world tour stage costumes

By which we mean, please note how each Spice Girl is identifiable but exaggerated like your typical fashion illustration–an highly-stylized sketch of a person.

What they did to Beyonce was much, much weirder:

Roberto Cavalli's heavily airbrushed illustration for Beyonce's Mrs. Carter world tour costumesAll that volumetric shading really takes it to a different level, doesn’t it?

As in, it’s part illustration, part Bratz Doll and fullblown Photoshop Disaster. What is it even supposed to be?

(Photos via H&M, Roberto Cavalli)