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Breaking news! In a daring feat of journalistic excellence, The Daily Mail has found some photos of Beyoncé in swimsuits, titling their article “Meow! Beyoncé shows just what a lucky man Jay Z is as she displays her slimline figure in a series of jaw-dropping swimsuits.” Earlier in this post, I made a joke about how The Daily Mail staff were good journalists, but you see, actually the opposite is true. They also made sure we knew how hot she was now that she’s slimmer and also that all of her sex appeal exists to please her husband.

beyonce swim suit 1

I’m not really one to talk about wasting column inches on Beyonce’s swimsuit photos after my post from yesterday about the new ‘Partition’ music video. After writing that post, I probably would need to register as a sex offender in a few countries. But I’m going to say The DM crossed a line here that I’m really not comfortable with by gleefully pointing out that Beyoncé recently lost some weight and is super hot now.

“She might just be in her best shape ever, so Beyoncé has been even happier than usual to display her figure in skimpy outfits.”

Couple that with the headline alluding to her “slimline figure,” and The DM is making a clear point: Beyoncé’s hotter now than she was a few pounds up. Do they even look at pictures any more or just robotically parrot “thinner is automatically hotter thinner is automatically hotter.” It would be naive to say that Beyoncé’s looks aren’t a big part of her career, and she’s been beautiful over what’s really in the grand scheme of things a pretty narrow weight range. The correlation between weight and beauty doesn’t exist if we don’t want it to–there are beautiful people at all sizes, thin, fat, or anything in between. This isn’t complicated, but it unsurprisingly sails above The DM‘s head.

beyonce swimsuit 2

And here I go again, falling for The Daily Mail‘s bullshit. Let’s just look at these beautiful photos and everybody cool off, okay?

Photos: Tumblr