I’m not a huge fan of crossover celebrities. Typically, when a singer decides to act or an actor decides to design or a reality star decides to have a job, it feels unnatural. Also, when it comes to crossing over into fashion, the designs are usually just “inspired by” the famous person, as is the case with the above shoes. As much as Beyonce has been on lately, it’s hard to see any remnant of her epic brand of glamour in these weird Bey-approved sneakers designed by custom brand Perfectly Made Kicks.

PMK took Beyonce’s favorite Isabel Marant sneaker style and created it to be inspired by Beyonce herself. Their website states:

Continuing this custom in 2013, PMK starts the year off with another worlds first, taking the Isabel Marant sneaker wedge to the cobbling block to create a one-of-a-kind design for R&B Royalty and POP sensation Beyonce Knowles-Carter. Summoned by King Bee and given the task to create a custom design worthy of her approval, PMK takes the Isabel Marant sneaker wedge back to the beginning of time and gives it what they call the Eden treatment.

Not only are these extremely ugly, they’re composed of a bizarre bunch of animal skins, including anaconda, ostrich, calf hair, crocodile and stingray, or as PMK calls it, “hybrid of land and sea.” And yet, they somehow just look like a pair of those duct tape shoes that high schoolers make to win contests for prom. I assume they will cost several hundred dollars, because fashion is ridiculous.



[via Elle]