Ty-LiteThere is a science to taking the #perfect selfie. You do not just randomly snap a photo and post it. That is not going to get you the optimal number of “likes.” You need to consider lighting, the composition, the most flattering angle and what filter to use. If you are the type of person who frequently complains about the poor lighting in your photos, we have a new phone case for you. Beyonce‘s stylist Ty Hunter has developed a phone case, the Ty-Lite, with built-in lighting so you can take a #flawless selfie every time.

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Imagine if a professional dressing room vanity mirror got turned into a phone case, and it would look something like this. The Ty-Lite has a frame with LED lights that are designed to work with your phone’s front-facing camera. It also acts as a protective cover too because how can you take a selfie if your phone is broken?Ty-Lite Cases

The Ty-Lite phone case has three different light settings, so you can get the most flattering selfie, regardless of where you are. The three settings are: cool, warm and brilliant. Cool works best in outdoor lighting, warm gives your photo a glossy effect, and brilliant is for when you need a bit of extra something, and the other two just ain’t doing it. Furthermore, you can also control the brightness in each setting for a #perfect result. Who needs to bother with Instagram filters now?

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There is no need to limit using the Ty-Lite to just selfie-taking. You can also use it when you are capturing videos and even when you are Facetiming. If you’re applying your makeup in public, you could use the case to ensure that you get a flawless finish.

One huge benefit about the phone case is that it runs on its own battery, so you do not having to worry about it sucking all your phone’s power. A charge can last between two weeks to a month, depending on how much of a #selfiequeen you are.

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The Ty-Lite is currently available for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 Plus, and it sells for $79.95 on the Ty-Lite website. A case for iPhone 5 will be available in early 2016. Don’t worry Android users, you aren’t left out. The Ty-Lite Protective Case for Galaxy S6 is also coming out in early 2016. You can sign up on the website to be notified when both are released.

The Ty-Lite Phone Case may not make you look exactly like the infinitely flawless Beyonce in all of your photographs, but it will up your selfie game considerably. And you will never complain about crappy lighting ruining your otherwise perfect photo again. Just think of all of the new “likes.”

Check out the Ty-Lite website to see more and to get your own phone case!

(Photos: Ty-Lite)