beyonce-super-bowlIn a new promotional photo for this weekend’s Super Bowl XLVII, Beyonce Knowles wore a sexy referee outfit. While it is a gorgeous shot and she does look beautiful (because when does she not, really?), I think that it may have been released a least a little bit due to the controversy surrounding her oh-my-goodness-oh-no national offense of lip syncing at Obama’s Inauguration just last week. After posting “Can I live?” to her huge Instagram audience, I think it might make sense for her to want people to be distracted right before she’s about to give yet another widely-televised performance.

Obviously, because she’s a lady who will be entertaining in the halftime show, the get-up is comprised of literally no elements appropriate to play football in: thigh-high stilettos, high-waisted booty shorts, a tight short-sleeved shirt and loose hair. I won’t make this into a huge gender issue, because plenty of women (and men, too) love wearing outfits like this and it’s not just some sexist pressure put on them. However, for just a five seconds, imagine any of the male performers you might see perform at the Super Bowl in this exact same pose with at least one of the pieces of this outfit.

I am admittedly sad that Destiny’s Child is not performing; in fact, I’m sort of begging the universe to have this all be a prank and for the other members to show up singing “Say My Name” in monochromatic outfits. But I suppose I will just have to dream…

I’ll take Mr. White singing, too… either way, really.