Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show

As you definitely know by now, Beyonce performed at the Superbowl last night dressed like a bootylicious, kneesock wearing version of Xena, Warrior Princess. But did you know her costume was actually modeled after a Norse goddess? Via Metro NY:

“Singer based the costumes on Valkyrie, the hyper-sexual goddess of warfare from Norse mythology known for randomly selecting men on the battlefield to die.”

Cool! But why stop there when there are so many exciting gods and goddesses in the Norse pantheon to choose from? Here are a few humble suggestions for her next stage show. (Who’s got two thumbs and just finally obtained a copy of Photoshop for the express purpose of ‘shopping Bey’s head onto various Norse gods? I want you to guess!)

Beyonce photo: WENN; god photos: Wikipedia; expert Photoshop work: Jamie Peck[ITPGallery]