Our ruling overlords Beyoncé and Jay Z are embracing veganism this month, and are eager to spread the good word. Except, B had a little issue with her wardrobe on Thursday when she and Jay were dining at a vegan joint in LA–Beyoncé showed up to the restaurant in a fur coat. Whoops.

beyonce fur coat

Beyonce wore this $4,180 Christopher Kane jacket with a fox fur collar, and while I’m doubting she was trying to make any type of statement besides feeling chilly, it does seem pretty out of place at LA’s notorious hippie vegan enclave Café Gratitude. I think the real story here has nothing to do with fur at a vegan restaurant. The real issue is that coat is ugly, and it’s not befitting our savior.

When people make choices like going vegan for a month or taking the stairs instead of the elevator, I think the point is not to make a drastic lifestyle change but instead to make small changes that eventually build overtime. So I don’t think it’s worth disparaging her for not throwing out all of her fur just because she decided to try out being a vegan. Oh well, try harder next time, Beyoncé. You’re still a super star queen even if PETA is already planning some horrifying publicity stunt involving a Beyoncé corpse-dummy being trampled to death by a kale salad.

Also hey everyone, that jacket’s on sale! 30% off and it’s still ugly as shit.

Photos: Getty Images, Tumblr