Beyonce and Jay-Z got married in 2008 and not a single photo ever emerged from the fiercely guarded event. At the time, it was pretty refreshing. If you’re a famous person, why would you share the most intimate moments of your private life? Well, other than for money. Sometimes people have integrity, sometimes they care about privacy, or sometimes they simply have no compulsion to overshare.

Three years later, though, sometimes people have new singles to promote. Beyonce’s video for her new single, “I Was Here” (which Us Weekly describes as an “inspirational anthem,” thank you) features personal footage of everything from her childhood to jumping off yachts to meeting Barbra Streisand.

For a second or two in the reel, you can see Beyonce in her wedding dress: strapless, nipped and followed by a dramatic train. She looks way pretty, as you can see above. This is what we’ve got of the train:

You can check out Beyonce singing “I Was Here” (it’s dedicated to “all of you guys”!) and is about being immortal or seeking validation through fame or something.

How does Beyonce’s wedding dress reveal stack up to Lauren Bush Lauren‘s wedding dress reveal from earlier today?

(via Us Weekly)