Once upon a time we lived in a world where the last thing you wanted was anyone to see the color of your bra. I also think this was during a time when you could only choose from white and nude shades, and the idea of explosive colors like pink and green, or even black were faraway. I think we’re dating back to my grandmother’s era.

When I bought my first black bra, I never went back to white or nude ones again. To this day, almost all my bras are black with a pink or blue one here or there; but mostly I stick to black because I love it and it matches my soul. Of course, only having these colored bras to choose from, makes it difficult when I want to wear something white. I own probably two white pieces, but when the weather is like this I pull them out and debate how I’m going to wear them. Sex and the City‘s Carrie Bradshaw made the black bra under white acceptable for a hot minute, but now it seems rather passé. At one time you’d always see women rocking dark bras under light-colored tops and you never batted an eye. It was just the look, and although one that had older generations scowling, most of us gave it a whirl at least once or twice. But now you no longer see it and it makes this black bra-wearing gal pissy, so I intend to bring it back at least for today since I really want to wear a certain white top.

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Photo: HBO