Harry Potter fans don’t just wait until Halloween to show their love of the magical world of witchcraft and wizardry. They want to do it every single day. While it’s pretty easy to rock Harry Potter tattoos and makeup on a daily basis, wearing a Hogwarts cloak can be trickier to pull off. If you still want some HP fashion without going into costume territory, BlackMilk has dropped a Harry Potter clothing collection that is magical and wearable.

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Best Products reported that the new collection features a mix of fashionable pieces with a Harry Potter twist. Think T-shirts decorated with magical icons, owls on blouses and leggings with the different Hogwarts houses. The symbols are definitely things all Harry Potter fans will recognize, but the line still has plenty of fashion girl cool. Take a look at a few pieces from the range:

1. Patronus Maxi Skirt 


It is a patronus skirt, you guys. Do we need to explain more?

2. Winged Keys Velvet Pocket Skater Skirt


To quote Ron Weasley, “brilliant.”

3. Gryffindor High-Waisted Velvet Leggings


Show some love for your favorite Hogwarts house without wearing the robe.

4. Hogwarts Short Overalls


Wear the front undone to reveal a hidden panel on the inside which has the colors of all of the different Hogwarts houses.

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If you want to pick up a few magical pieces (or everything), the Australia-based brand does ship internationally. Just be fast because it looks like the collection is going to disappear faster than an actual patronus.

(Photos: BlackMilk)