(Instagram/Blake Lively)

Guys, Blake Lively has done it again: She’s designed yet another piece of clothing that’s just beautiful enough to make me want to empty out my wallet on the spot while simultaneously filling me with classic Jewish guilt for spending that much on a single dress. This time around, it’s a gorgeous silk dress, co-designed with Amour Vert. It features a low V-neck with a tie front and a printed circle skirt, and it’s basically the most perfect summer dress I’ve ever seen. Well, almost perfect. If it were perfect, it wouldn’t come with a $230 price tag.

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As much as I love this dress and am all for the whole artisanal deal that Blake has going on with Preserve, the price really does seem rather exorbitant to me. I mean, I get that silk is expensive, and that the fact that it’s co-designed by a celebrity ups the price a bit, but there are so many less expensive pieces out there that look so much like this dress that it seems almost silly to shell out the hundos for this one. In fact, here are X dresses that you’ll like just as much, if not more than, Blake Lively’s designer one:

1. Reclaimed Vintage Dress With Tie-Front, ASOS ($70)


I actually like this a little bit more than Blake’s dress, simply because I’m a bigger fan of more fitted vintage-style dresses. Sure, the cutout is a bit bigger on the front, but the print is pretty much on point with Blake’s original, and the color is definitely more universally-flattering.

2. Wyldr Take The Lead Tie-Front Playsuit, Largo Drive ($50)


You guys, I love rompers. If I could wear rompers all day every day without ever having to worry about the fact that I have to remove the whole thing to go to the bathroom, I would. They just make getting dressed in the morning so much easier! And I love how this one could totally be dressed up or down for day or night.

3. Oh My Love Button-Front Cut-Out Midi Dress, Urban Outfitters ($59.99)


This one was recommended to me our Managing Editor, Jillian, and I have to say, I totally love it. Normally I’m not one for midi dresses like this because I always feel like they make me look too short, but there’s something about this one that feels different. I could definitely see myself rocking this with bright heels, or even just plain booties and a red lip.

4. Honey Punch Knot-Front T-Shirt Dress, Urban Outfitters ($49)


Okay, but real talk, does this not look like the most comfortable dress in all the land? I would probably forget that it’s a daytime dress and end up wearing it as pajamas after a long day.

5. Fitted Striped Dress, Topshop ($135)


Okay, I’ll admit that this is on the pricier side of affordable, but Topshop has pretty high-quality stuff, and it is $100 less than Blake’s dress. 

6. Plunge Maxi Dress, Topshop ($95)


Same with this one, but if you’re looking with a maxi that has the feel of Blake’s dress, this is as close as you’ll get. It comes in white, too, if an all-black maxi dress is just a bit too dark for your taste.

7. And I Love Fleur Dress in Ruby, ModCloth ($59.99)


This is for the girl out there who likes everything about Blake’s dress except for the cutout. The shape on this is pretty spot on, and it has that same ’50s feel.

8. Kimchi Blue Belted Collared Romper, Urban Outfitters ($69)


If this doesn’t feel like something fresh out of Blake’s Preserve collection, then I don’t know what will. Again, no cutout, but I actually prefer it this way. The belt and low neckline give romper the same feel.