Blake Lively attended last night’s party for Lady Gaga at Barneys (where Gaga wore a crazy dress custom designed by Chanel) and showed up in an Yves Klein blue pantsuit by Elie Saab with lace detailing on the shoulders. We wouldn’t call this a full-blown disaster but…

1) We think the blazer/no shirt combination always looks pretty trashy (remember when Rosie Huntington-Whiteley tried it?)

2) We think that lace detailing is distracting/pointless:

3) We can’t stand her fistfuls of costume jewelry:

4) The fact that Lively is convinced all shoes must come with a red heel really bit her in the ass on this one because (although you can’t quite see it in the photo below) her choice of bulky Christian Louboutin Metallips really weighed the look down:

…Now that we’ve parsed it out, we actually really dislike this look, though it’s more the styling decisions that drag it into Fashion Disaster territory than simply the suit itself. What do you say?

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(Photos via Getty)