Blake Lively poses in new York

Hair, makeup by someone else.

Oh, Blake Lively, always reminding us how she does her own styling. The actress’ latest audience is the New York Daily News, who ran a fashion-centric interview with Lively this week. Here was the part we’ve all come to expect:

How far in advance of a big red-carpet event do you decide your outfit?

I decide, probably, five days to a week before. A lot of people have stylists, and beautiful dresses waiting for them and just before they go on the red carpet, they choose their two favorites. But for me, because I do my own styling, I decide probably a week before so that I can gather the jewelry and the shoes and figure out what I want for the hair and makeup.

So. A few things.

First of all, doing your own styling is fine and good but we already know Blake Lively does her own styling because she won’t stop saying so. We will try not to fault her too much for that–journalists can be lazy and ask some iteration of the same five questions, especially when it comes to questions about clothes aimed at actresses. But come on. One’s ability to dress oneself is only impressive in Hollywood.

Second of all, we’re becoming increasingly impatient with the idea that famous people in borrowed designer clothes is what we talk about when we talk about style.

Third of all, this is… kind of a lie.

But what’s uniquely ridiculous about Blake Lively reminding us she does her own styling is that… Blake Lively doesn’t really style anything. She wears a short/tight/plunging straight-off-the-runway dress, pairs it with some bangles and clashing Christian Louboutins and… done! Dynamic! We guess.

Also. This. Or this. And, oh my god, this.

And, most of all, let us never ever ever forget this.