How to get Blake Lively's style

Gwyneth Paltrow is not going to be happy about this. Page Six reported that Blake Lively will be launching her own lifestyle and e-commerce website at the end of the month. The details of the site are vague, but it is apparently about storytelling and it will sell “curated fashionable items.” Which probably means gazillion dollar prices, though I hope there are some thrifty steals in there too. The name hasn’t even been revealed, but I am sure it will be better than Goop. (Why would a reference to brown-green slime ever be appropriate for a website that predominantly features food?) While we have to wait until Blake’s site launches on July 23, we know that there are many ways it will improve our lives:

1. Blake will tell us that it is fine to eat things other than raw, organic, green vegetables on the second Wednesday of every month.

2. It will give us something to make fun of Gwyneth Paltrow about now that the conscious uncoupling thing has been beaten to death by every late night host.

3. There’s been a Serena van der Woodsen hole in our hearts since Gossip Girl ended. Why couldn’t they have continued the series? Twenty-somethings still use social media to ruin lives.

4. Blake will reveal the secrets to getting gorgeous made-from-the-clouds-of-Heaven hair.

5. There will hopefully be pictures of her husband Ryan Reynolds. And most of them better be shirtless. Or at the very least, he should be posing with a cute dog.

You’re welcome.

6. She will teach us how to make a job of only walking red carpets, and look flawless doing it.

7. Blake has a L’Oreal campaign and Karl Lagerfeld still seems to like her, so hopefully there will be lots of freebies. Chanel Couture for all!

8. The website will help us all learn to spin our straw hair into gold.

9. It will give us a new player in the Gwyneth Paltrow vs. Jessica Alba lifestyle website feud. Remember that ridiculousness?

10. There will be fashion tips on how to pull off retro looks and not look like you’re dressing up for Halloween in July.

11. Did I mention it will improve our hair?

12. She loves to bake so there will be plenty of delicious photos–a much better alternative to searching for #foodporn.

13. You’ll be able to buy something Blake Lively-related if you never got your hands on that $200 sparkly dress from the Gossip Girl clothing line.

14. And don’t forget the amazing hair tips.

(Photo: Getty Images)