blake-lively-maternity-fashionDressing while pregnant is hard. It’s very difficult to continue to look like oneself and enjoy one’s personal style while one’s body is rapidly changing shape in dramatic and unpredictable ways. One might have to temporarily retire high heels, find it impossible to button any of one’s coats, and/or develop a predilection for ponchos and try to pass it off as a style choice instead of a necessity. But Blake Lively does not appear to have those problems, because she has maternity dressing down to a science.

Blake lively went shopping in New York yesterday, and her outfit is basically everything I wish I’d worn when I was pregnant. Other stars have been able to look sexy or glamorous while pregnant, but as much as I might have respected Kim Kardashian‘s commitment to high-fashion pregnancy, it wasn’t something I wanted to copy because it just didn’t look comfortable. Lively’s outfit is creative and interesting and attractive, but most of all it looks comfortable enough to walk around in when your whole body is doing its best to make sure you cannot get comfortable in any position.


The flat suede boots and slouchy, oversized coat look like fashion-forward staples that are comfortable enough to wear while pregnant, but still could be kept around afterwards. The coat isn’t going to be any less cute when Lively is finished being pregnant.

The pattern mixing with the plaid top and the rose-print skirt is great, but what impresses me most is that she’s pulling off a mini skirt at all. Those are especially difficult to wear with a baby bump, because one never knows where to put it. It can’t go around the stomach without riding up or falling down. Under the stomach is very, very low, and it’s basically impossible to pull off without a very stretchy fabric. Lively has her skirt hiked up over her belly, which makes it look like a pencil skirt/mini skirt hybrid and creates interesting proportions under the big coat.

She looks cool and comfortable at the same time, and that’s tough to pull off while pregnant. I wish she had been walking around as a source of style inspiration last year, I could have used it.

Photo: PCN