man repeller boy repeller

Leandra Medine, the Man Repeller, seemed to burst onto the blogging scene fully formed, like Athena from the skull of Zeus, but with an excellent brand identity and a lot of stacked bracelets. Since then she’s become one of the most in-demand and popular style bloggers, with all the usual blogger bennies like designer collaborations, front row Fashion Week seats, and even a book deal. But now she’s got something none of the other popular bloggers have: A tiny little fashion clone.

11-year-old blogger Vivian Dushey calls herself the Boy Repeller after her idol, who is in on the joke and was introducing her Mini Me around at Fashion Week.

“[My love of fashion] started when I was very young,” Dushey told Elle’s Leah Chernikoff. “I always got dressed by myself. But my inspiration really comes from Leandra.”

On her site she introduces herself as Medine’s fashion baby:

      Hi I’m boy repeller fashion child of manrepller. I get all my inspiration truly from the MANREPELLER
.While she repels men I repel boys .
When I come into class all the boys run away screaing
.But thats the way i like it aha aha .

Admittedly, from what we remember of being 11, it doesn’t take much to repel 11-year-old boys. Isn’t that what cooties are for?

The blog, which started in May, is mostly pictures of clothes she likes, trend reports, and occasional pictures of herself in outfits.

At one point she riffs off Medine’s trademarked concept of the “Arm Party” — as in a big stack of bracelets — introducing us to the “Neck Fiesta,” which is a stack of necklaces. She also demonstrates the “Dolphin Party,” which is a similar thing but with dolphin jewelry. (That one might be hard to pull off if you’re over 16.)

Our personal favorite contribution is a photo of her cradling a yellow clog and saying, “My baby. It’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you everything I do.”

The kid’s got a sense of humor.

Via Elle/Photo: Facebook/The Man Repeller